Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Documentation on India Localization on Ax 4.0 SP2

The white papers are available on following links : Public Site



What are ADO files ?

ADO stands for Application Data Object and holds the application code for alayer. You have an ADO file for each layer you have modified in your system.Per defaul it is locaed in C:\program files\Microsoft DynamicsAX\40\Application\Standard . There will be at least a axSYS.aod and anaxSYP.aod . Where the axSYS.aod is the SYS layer and axSYP.aod the SYS-Patch(SYP) layer.

Question :: When using index (not using hint) in a select statement without 'GroupBy' or 'OrderBy' in what sequence do the records occur

When using index (not using hint) in a select statement without 'GroupBy' or'OrderBy' in what sequence do the records occurAnswer:When using Index hint, the index chosen is hinted to the SQL server as theone that should be used for the query.(you shouldn't use this unless you are very sure that's the best selectiveindex there ever will be for the table)the index (without hint) is interpreted into a simple ORDER BY clause, sothe records will be ordered in the order of the fields from the index.( you can turn on logging SQL statements and see the actual query being sentto the server)

Question : I have a system with a clean installation of AX , after I change the domain I am not able to run AX. So i have to reinstall the AX.

I solved it by editing the UserInfo table, replacing theNetwork user, Network domain and SID fields with values from a user in thenew domain.